An Honest Review of The Wellness Company, Melaleuca

I am hearing a lot of rumors out there that Melaleuca is a scam. I will use this piece to set some specifics straight. Melaleuca is not a scam. As a matter of fact, they are a legitimate enterprise to those that want to make extra cash from the setting of their house and people who really are looking to replace their full time Job. Please note that we are not their representatives nor are we connected with them.

An element of this company that you should consider before you can say that they are a scam is the management of the company. Do you know of any sham activity by the CEO or President of Melaleuca? My guess is NO. This company is run by Frank L Vandersloot Who took the leadership responsibility right around the time they started. He has made lot of changes to the company over the years that has proven to be profitable yearly. They have Twenty four years of consecutive development (revenue wise).

You should also bear in mind the years that they have been in existence before you can conclude if the are scam or not. It is not a secret that many of the businesses will be unsuccessful in reality in their 1st year. Thus I understand the doubt about fresh Network Marketing companies. They, nevertheless were created in 1985. This company is not new. If you make your mind up to join them now; know that you are avoiding the tough period. You are essentially coming in at the peak to start earning some money.

I know there were some issues about the products that they were promoting. Actually they had problem with FDA regarding some of the proclamations on their products. As someone that works as a Quality Engineer in the pharmaceutical Industry, I can tell you that FDA is a pain in the “You know what.” As great as companies like Pfizer or Merck are, they all have issues with FDA every time. This is not enough debate to name them a scam. The fact is that they fixed those problems they had with FDA.

I am almost certain that you will encounter some of their former representatives that have some kind of destructive comments to make about them. You will get hold of folks like this in ALL Network Marketing companies. These people are called the “tired kickers.” People like this should really still be in the corporate world and not in the entrepreneurship setting. These are the folks that are not geared up to do what it takes to be victorious. MLM is simple but not laid-back (at least to begin with).

Even though Melaleuca is not a scam, here is the simple fact if you do not know how to market yourself properly, you will fail with them or any other Network Marketing companies out there. See that I said “market yourself.” You have to brand yourself as a leader in the Network Marketing Industry. This notion is called Attraction Marketing.

After the fact that Melaleuca is not a pyramid scam, to learn more about exploding your Network Marketing business go to our

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